Lee Horner Racing Results

Latest Racing Results

Date Result Race Horse
12/11/2019 2 Trotters Coaches BM64 Highweight Handicap Valhalla Princess
12/11/2019 3 bet365 Maiden Highweight Plate Galaxy Glen
10/11/2019 3 Ararat RSL Sir Brudenell White BM70 Highweight Handicap Miner's Miss
08/11/2019 2 warrnambooltoyota.com.au BM58 Highweight Handicap Rex Bell (IRE)
08/11/2019 3 All New Corolla Sedan Maiden Highweight Plate Magicain
05/11/2019 SCR Independent Cranes BM58 Highweight Handicap Is Don is Good
05/11/2019 SCR Independent Cranes BM58 Highweight Handicap Pieropan
05/11/2019 2 Moama Bowling Club BM64 Highweight Handicap Golden Gee
07/09/2019 4 Australia vs Ireland Jumping Challenge Hurdle (Main Track) Californiagrandcru
07/09/2019 5 Australia vs Ireland Jumping Challenge Steeple (Main Track) Entirely Perfect (NZ)
04/09/2019 2 Coopers XPA / SABOIS Plus Highweight BM 64 Handicap (Aus v Ire Jumping Series) (Jumps riders only) Sagaab
04/09/2019 1 Gawler Cup 'Twilight' Friday Oct 25th Highweight BM 56 Hcp (Aus v Ire Series) (Jumps riders only) Zubrowka
25/08/2019 5 Hygain Winners Choice Maiden Hurdle Hurricaine
25/08/2019 1 Sportsbet – Grubs On Tour Maiden Hurdle Flying Agent (NZ)
21/08/2019 1 TAB Benchmark 120 Hurdle (Heat Over the Rainbow) Romelo (NZ)
11/08/2019 2 Selkirk East Pastoral/Mane on Henty Open Hurdle Tara Dreaming
11/08/2019 3 P.L Nolte Electrical Pty Ltd Maiden Hurdle Flying Agent (NZ)
04/08/2019 4 MRC Membership Renewal Hurdle Flying Agent (NZ)
27/07/2019 5 AAMI Hurdle (Morph Parks Track) (Leg of the Over the Rainbow Jumping Series) Spying On You (NZ)
21/07/2019 2 PRC Membership On Sale Maiden Hurdle Flying Agent (NZ)
07/07/2019 1 Cassign BM58 Highweight Handicap Hello My Friend
02/05/2019 LR Hammonds Paints Champion Novice Hurdle Murphy's Delight (IRE)
30/04/2019 3 Shojun Concrete Maiden Hurdle Harvard (NZ)
26/04/2019 3 Wyndham Grange Maiden Hwgt Plate Happy Pirate
22/04/2019 LR Thomas Farms Steeplechase Ours (NZ)
22/04/2019 SCR Ecycle Benchmark 120 Hurdle Tangara
20/04/2019 3 Thomas Farms Great Eastern Steeplechase Undergroundfighter
20/04/2019 2 Thomas Farms Classic Hurdle Murphy's Delight (IRE)
14/04/2019 6 E-Cycle Solutions MJ Bourke Hurdle Kanji
14/04/2019 4 J.E.H Spencer Memorial Steeplechase Don't Be Shy
14/04/2019 SCR E-Cycle Solutions Maiden Hurdle Pachino Boy
07/04/2019 2 Thomas Farms Hurdle Murphy's Delight (IRE)
04/04/2019 SCR No Fuss Event Hire BM58 Highweight Handicap My Shu Mai
04/04/2019 SCR Bet365 Official Price Guarantee Maiden Highweight Plate It's Semi Sweet (NZ)
01/04/2019 4 TAB Warrnambool May Racing Carnival Maiden Hurdle Kanji
01/04/2019 7 Eulong Open Steeple Undergroundfighter
22/03/2019 SCR TAC Be Races Ready Highweight Maiden Plate Reckless Forever
22/03/2019 5 Decron Maiden Hurdle Cool Dude
20/03/2019 7 bet365 BM58 Highweight Handicap Don't Be Shy
14/03/2019 2 Snaauws Kitchens Hurdle Murphy's Delight (IRE)
14/03/2019 4 Premier Speedway Maiden Hurdle Cool Dude
14/03/2019 4 Greg Bull Painting BM125 Steeplechase Undergroundfighter
07/03/2019 1 BET365 Hwgt BM58 Handicap Manhattan Gangster
07/03/2019 5 HRC Function Hwgt Maiden Plate Chuggington
14/02/2019 9 Philip Russell Motorcycles BM58 Highweight Handicap Blues Breaker (NZ)
14/02/2019 1 South West Conveyancing Super Vobis Highweight Maiden Plate Avachat
05/02/2019 2 eResources Copy Print Systems Highweight Maiden Plate Cool Dude
31/01/2019 5 Harcourt’s Werribee and Co BM58 Hwght Handicap Tip Rat
02/12/2018 10 The Haymes Paint Jericho Cup Thunder Road
02/12/2018 1 OTI & Secon Freight Logistics Jericho Cup Repechage Hello My Friend