Lee Horner Racing Results

Latest Racing Results

Date Result Race Horse
02/06/2020 FF Tim Boyle Panels Steeplechase Speedy Jax (NZ)
02/06/2020 5 Shanahan Electric Motors 1JW Steeplechase Harvard (NZ)
24/05/2020 7 Ladbrokes Australian Steeplechase Slowpoke Rodriguez (NZ)
24/05/2020 3 Ladbrokes Australian Hurdle Robbie's Star
24/05/2020 1 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Hurdle Flying Agent (NZ)
12/05/2020 2 E-Cycle Solutions Maiden Steeplechase Referee (NZ)
12/05/2020 1 E-Cycle Solutions BM120 Hurdle Michelin (NZ)
12/05/2020 3 E-Cycle Solutions Maiden Hurdle Crafty Lion (NZ)
05/05/2020 4 Sovereign Resort Galleywood Hurdle Robbie's Star
05/05/2020 5 Waterfront by Lyndoch Living Grand Annual Steeplechase Undergroundfighter
05/05/2020 4 3YB FM Scotty Stewart Brierly Steeplechase Slowpoke Rodriguez (NZ)
05/05/2020 5 Decron Dunroe BM120 Steeplechase Ours (NZ)
05/05/2020 3 Hammonds Paints Novice Hurdle Flying Agent (NZ)
05/05/2020 1 Carlton Draught Maiden Hurdle Inayforhay
05/05/2020 4 Whalers Hotel Maiden Hurdle Cheners
05/05/2020 7 George Taylor Memorial Maiden Hurdle Casa Larada
24/04/2020 SCR Harcourts Werribee Maiden Highweight Plate Happy Pirate
24/04/2020 9 Sherriffs Cranetrucks BM58 Highweight Handicap Casa Larada
20/04/2020 4 Take it to the Neds Level Highweight Hcp Master Poet (NZ)
20/04/2020 5 Neds Price Boost Multi Highweight Plate Classic Warrior
19/04/2020 1 J.E.H Spencer Memorial Chase Felix Bay
19/04/2020 4 Ecycle Solutions BM120 Chase Undergroundfighter
19/04/2020 FF Ecycle Solutions 1JW Hurdle Keep Up (NZ)
19/04/2020 1 Ecycle Solutions Maiden Hurdle Riding High (NZ)
19/03/2020 4 Terang Co-Op Maiden Highweight Plate Royal Dragon
19/03/2020 3 Decron Maiden Hurdle Undergroundfighter
19/03/2020 3 Laurie Kenna OAM Memorial Hurdle Euroman (GB)
26/02/2020 SCR Webber & Chivell Fertilisers Maiden Highweight Plate Rossgo
03/02/2020 SCR Tobin Brothers Maiden Highweight Plate Rossgo
01/12/2019 7 Haymes Paint Jericho Cup Hello My Friend
01/12/2019 1 The OTI & Secon Freight Logistics Jericho Cup Repechage Californiagrandcru
26/11/2019 1 Bruce’s Yacht Club BM58 Highweight Handicap Turf Dragon
26/11/2019 3 Organs Coaches Maiden Highweight Plate Front Page News
19/11/2019 11 Gary Cole Builder BM58 Highweight Handicap Hunch
19/11/2019 7 Bonners Transport Maiden Highweight Plate Magicain
15/11/2019 3 Leneva Park Handicap Wolfe Tone (NZ)
12/11/2019 2 Trotters Coaches BM64 Highweight Handicap Valhalla Princess
12/11/2019 3 bet365 Maiden Highweight Plate Galaxy Glen
10/11/2019 3 Ararat RSL Sir Brudenell White BM70 Highweight Handicap Miner's Miss
08/11/2019 2 warrnambooltoyota.com.au BM58 Highweight Handicap Rex Bell (IRE)
08/11/2019 3 All New Corolla Sedan Maiden Highweight Plate Magicain
05/11/2019 SCR Independent Cranes BM58 Highweight Handicap Is Don is Good
05/11/2019 SCR Independent Cranes BM58 Highweight Handicap Pieropan
05/11/2019 2 Moama Bowling Club BM64 Highweight Handicap Golden Gee
07/09/2019 4 Australia vs Ireland Jumping Challenge Hurdle (Main Track) Californiagrandcru
07/09/2019 5 Australia vs Ireland Jumping Challenge Steeple (Main Track) Entirely Perfect (NZ)
04/09/2019 2 Coopers XPA / SABOIS Plus Highweight BM 64 Handicap (Aus v Ire Jumping Series) (Jumps riders only) Sagaab
04/09/2019 1 Gawler Cup 'Twilight' Friday Oct 25th Highweight BM 56 Hcp (Aus v Ire Series) (Jumps riders only) Zubrowka
25/08/2019 SCR E-Cycle Solutions JJ Houlahan Hurdle Felix Bay
25/08/2019 5 Hygain Winners Choice Maiden Hurdle Hurricaine