Nathan Newton Racing Results

Latest Racing Results

Date Result Race Horse
19/11/2019 9 Gary Cole Builder BM58 Highweight Handicap Bus Stop Madonna
19/11/2019 10 Bonners Transport Maiden Highweight Plate Veraj
15/11/2019 SCR Leneva Park Handicap True Raider
12/11/2019 SCR Trotters Coaches BM64 Highweight Handicap Entirely Perfect (NZ)
12/11/2019 SCR bet365 Maiden Highweight Plate Costano Mille (NZ)
10/11/2019 10 Ararat RSL Sir Brudenell White BM70 Highweight Handicap Entirely Perfect (NZ)
05/11/2019 7 Independent Cranes BM58 Highweight Handicap Blue Jangles
05/11/2019 9 Moama Bowling Club BM64 Highweight Handicap Mr Integrity
18/10/2019 SCR Flying Horse Bar & Brewery BM78 Highweight Handicap Consoling
18/10/2019 5 Mark Kirchner Food Services Maiden Highweight Plate Brungle Dee
15/10/2019 7 Mountain Distilling Company BM64 Highweight Handicap True Raider
15/10/2019 7 Be Races Ready Maiden Highweight Plate Vlamingh
15/09/2019 1 TAB / Vale Roy Jones Hurdle Jumbo Prince
15/09/2019 FF J & J Walsh Bookmaker Steeplechase Mannertone
25/08/2019 5 Cheap As Chips BM120 Steeplechase Mannertone
25/08/2019 7 Hygain Winners Choice Maiden Hurdle Spin King
25/08/2019 FF Sportsbet – Grubs On Tour Maiden Hurdle Days Go By (FR)
21/08/2019 3 TAB Benchmark 120 Hurdle (Heat Over the Rainbow) Beyond Thankful (IRE)
18/08/2019 8 QLS Great Western Steeplechase Judge Jeuny
18/08/2019 SCR QLS Great Western Steeplechase Mapping
18/08/2019 FF QLS Maiden Hurdle Scallop
18/08/2019 FF Ecycle Adam Lindsay Gordon Hurdle Romelo (NZ)
11/08/2019 LR Moredun Hill Open Steeplechase Historic (NZ)
11/08/2019 4 Selkirk East Pastoral/Mane on Henty Open Hurdle Romelo (NZ)
11/08/2019 FF P.L Nolte Electrical Pty Ltd Maiden Hurdle Aristocat
07/07/2019 4 Cassign BM58 Highweight Handicap Spin King
07/07/2019 5 Warrnambool Football Netball Club BM64 Highweight Handicap Romelo (NZ)
07/07/2019 2 Mark Primmer Memorial Maiden Steeplechase Mapping
07/07/2019 6 Toot Firewood Kevin Lafferty Hurdle Four Carat (GER)
01/07/2019 4 TAC Be Races Ready Highweight BM58 Handicap Spin King
01/07/2019 8 Greater Shepparton Highweight Maiden Plate Casino Master
29/06/2019 2 WC & AC Miller Steeplechase Historic (NZ)
29/06/2019 3 Ecycle Maiden Hurdle Cheners
22/06/2019 FF Heineken 3 Grand National Hurdle (Morph Parks Track) (Over the Rainbow Jumping Series) Beyond Thankful (IRE)
20/06/2019 SCR J&P Advanced Plastering BM58 Highweight Plate Ambassador Lad
20/06/2019 4 Middy's Data & Electrical Maiden Highweight Rookley Rose
20/06/2019 5 Matthew Williams Racing Maiden Hurdle Cheners
04/06/2019 SCR Pontings Home Timber & Hardware Steeplechase Undergroundfighter
03/06/2019 9 Harvey Norman Moe BM58 Highweight Handicap Countess Delta
03/06/2019 5 WIN Network Maiden Highweight Plate Enslaved
01/06/2019 1 The Adelaide Appeals Committee Hurdle (Main Track) Beyond Thankful (IRE)
20/05/2019 9 Mornington Nissan Handicap Johnny Romance
20/05/2019 10 Mornington Car & Tyre Services Plate Big John Stud
19/05/2019 8 Pullen & Co Two Rivers Open Steeplechase Historic (NZ)
02/05/2019 8 Waterfront by Lyndoch Living Grand Annual Steeplechase Transcript
01/05/2019 8 Decron Dunroe BM120 Steeplechase Tangara
30/04/2019 SCR Shojun Concrete Maiden Hurdle Montauk
26/04/2019 9 The Bookit Bookkeeping Hummingbird BM58 Hwgt Handicap Evolvement
26/04/2019 5 Wyndham Grange Maiden Hwgt Plate Spin King
14/04/2019 6 J.E.H Spencer Memorial Steeplechase Transcript